Promoting the Holy Site in Marmora, Ontario, Canada, as a Free Blessing for All of Humanity

Last Updated: 30 January, 2022 based on information from summer 2021


What is this farm?

The 'Greensides Farm' is a physical farm located in Marmora, Ontario, Canada, where a farming family (the Greensides) has been inviting or permitting the public to come for prayer, since 1991. Subsequent to this, the holy being commonly referred to as 'Our Lady’, reportedly began appearing to pilgrims there and offered a spring of blessed water there, reported to have miraculous healing properties.

This link shows one way she is reported to have appeared at the Greensides farm, specifically at the 10th Station of the Cross.

Following in the tradition of naming Her based on the site she appeared at, even though She is apparently the same person as appearing at different times and places worldwide (eg. Lourdes, Zeitun), we call the benevolent supernatural apparently-female being who reportedly appeared at this site Our Lady of Marmora.

What is the history?

The facts relating to the supernatural, whether verified, witnessed, or simply subjective experiences, have been extraordinarily difficult to come by, even at the Farm itself. I am piecing together the information on this webpage from a wide array of sources, including my own memory, from times I didn't think I needed to keep records because I assumed the information wouldn't be lost.

Below is an array of relevant webpages from around the internet which I have collected as a resource for you to quickly gather relevant information (though which I myself cannot vouch for):

  1. An article on the history written by Ann-Marie Greensides
  2. RuralRoutes: Is this the Greensides’ own official page and official pamphlets?

  3. 1997 Maclean's Article (this is a popular, national magazine)

  4. Another Website

  5. Another Website: Origins. Notice where this one talks about 'How Did This Begin?', for a further-back spiritual history.

  6. General Information

  7. Trip Advisor

  8. forum

  9. A French site

  10. A series of videos on YouTube for which this is the first one

Is there any hard evidence at all that something supernatural is at work on the Farm?


  1. If you watch this 1996 home movie made at the Farm, frame-by-frame, around the 5 minute 27 second mark, while the people are staring at the sun verbally remarking about it "spinning", you should be able to see the large outline of a robed woman when the camera turns towards the sun.
  2. The small outline of a robed woman in camera lens at Marmora (10th Station of the Cross)
  3. A figure in the clouds
  4. Miraculous Rose petal reported to have landed on Maureen Marolly at Marmora at the 14th Station of the Cross on September 5, 1996.
  5. Super Moon
  6. Miracle of the Sun
  7. Trees bowed inward at their bottom, towards approximately one of the places Christ is reported to have appeared:



They are, in increasing physical difficulty:

  1. Feel peace. I find the most common miracle you might experience at the Farm is a great sense of peace, starting when you drive up the lane into the parking area: more peace than relaxing at a lake for example.

  2. Look up.There are many reports of signs in the sun or clouds at this site, even as viewed from the parking lot. For example, the last lady I spoke to at the farm saw, with her friend who saw the same, a beautiful angel in the clouds. Although they forgot to take a picture, others have excellent pictures of such things in the sky from this Farm. One is on display on the wall near the cash register of the gift shop, but no one is permitted copies.

  3. Have a picnic lunch you brought in the covered picnic area.

  4. Visit the Gift Shop. It is located on the east side of the Farm off the parking lot; last I checked the sign says they are open 9am - 12pm Wednesday to Sunday.

  5. Pray and worship anywhere at the Farm. Pray for every good intent on your heart: for you, your family, and society, for example.

  6. Pray or worship specifically at the prayer shrine just to the south of the picnic area on the parking level.

  7. Pray at the parking-level Stations of the Cross which is also immediately south of the picnic area; it proceeds up a small slope to the west, ending at a statue of the Resurrection (as the 15th Station). This area is far more accessible for invalids who want to meditate on the Stations of the Cross than the woods on the hill.

  8. Avail of the miraculous spring water that is available at the farm.
    This link shows where on a map. Normally you would pass the tap on your way back down after finishing the Stations of the Cross. Put another way, it is two-thirds of the way up the gravel lane leading to the huge radio tower, on the south (left) side. It’s believed to have miraculous healing properties (nothing is incurable with God). Some people have reported instant healing just touching it to their ailing bodypart, but for others they drink a lot of it to get an improvement in health. It is the most refreshing water I have ever had.
    I am actually surprised people are not lining up to get this water, especially since the COVID pandemic started. Maybe when something is free people do not value it; I am not sure. The wise will note that this is not the only free gift available in Christianity which our society hasn't given enough importance to...

    If you are thinking of bringing this water to someone else, it is important to note that blessed water (like this) may be given but not sold. It is not clear if it stores better in plastic or glass bottles.

  9. Walk the original Stations of the Cross (15 stations in all) as laid out on the farm starting along the south-east side of the property and continuing into the forest and up the hill to the west. Most of these stations are hanging on trees, although a few are on the ground leaning against the tree they once hung on. The steps up the hill are uneven but there are crude handrails. I recommend the gravel lane (between 11th and 12th stations) to come back down when finished, because the old 'Peace' or 'Exit' path near the 14th station is very uneven, without handrails, and you will come out north of the main parking area (away from your vehicle probably). Please note that:

    • you should turn right, back into the forest, when you come to the clearing at top of the hill, after the 5th station, and

    • the 11th station is down the gravel lane from the 10th station, and

    • the 12th station continues through a path on the other side of the gravel lane from the 11th station.

  10. Find the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. This is down that same uneven 'Peace' exit path, down the hill from the 14th station, and then on the left at the bottom of the hill when you come to the clearing. Beware that the path is in very poor repair: downhill and without handrails!! Use at own risk. Easier access is from the entranceway, west of the washrooms but on the north side of the treeline there.

  11. Walk the rosary path?? No, the owners don't seem to want us doing this anymore, according to my interpretation of a sign at the main entrance, as well as some dead branches laid across where the path begins. It used to continue west beyond the 15th Station into the forest, and come back to the Stations of the Cross path at around the 7th Station. The path almost doesn't exist now, level but uneven with no handrails and very difficult to discern as it is no longer used. It seems that at one time this path was decorated with an artistic depiction hung on a tree for each decade of the rosary. Unfortunately these works of art are so badly deteriorated as to mostly lie on the ground broken an unrecognizable, and in one place even stacked on top of each other.


Who is 'Our Lady'? Also known as the 'Blessed Mother', the traditional explanation is that she is Mary, the mother of Jesus. There are mysteries concerning her which we do not fully understand, and it is limiting to presume to understand everything about Her without meeting Her. It is reported that she revealed herself at the Farm to be the Mediatrix of All Graces.

Why would Our Lady come to Ontario, Canada, to help us?

It's difficult to theorize reasons why She might come to help us, instead of to chastise us.

For one thing, Canadians have been performing, funding, and defending abortion, legal with no restrictions. I know Our Lady hates abortion (for destroying Her children). Furthermore we've been inventing, legally protecting, and even literally parading a lot of other seriously wicked behaviours recently in our nation. And if a politician suspends our human rights, or declares places of worship 'non-essential' (such as they were declared in the COVID-19 pandemic), many of us have been maintaining our political support for them, on the implication that science, even human science, even human politicize science, is the god we trust more than God.

Who has done this? Canadian Christians, mostly. There is (still) a Christian majority (67% in 2011) in the Canadian population, but it has been self-destroying: expert at voting for non-Christian (and even anti-Christian) ideals, consistently. As I was saying, as a group, Canadian Christians have consistently voted for politicians who allow abortion to continue unrestricted and government-funded (we Canadian Christians seem to expect some kind of heavenly reward in the next life while supporting the murder of those trying to be born into this one). In a similar way, we Canadian Christians, as a group, have been voting our consent for many other offenses to God which are so perverse that I doubt they are allowed even in Hell. Furthermore, through our chosen politicians, we have lately been making it actually illegal to preach the truth and the full Gospel. Rather than change our laws to righteousness, we have limited the way we preach the Gospel to not offend the wicked. We promote other religions, while we've allowed anyone to publicly attack ours (the only religion politically safe to attack publicly). We encourage attacks by using the name of our Saviour as an expletive, if not in our mouths, then in our entertainment (the only name to be used as an expletive). We've not just sinned in Canada: we've voted for sin, funded sin, bowed to sin, put sin on parade. Then we sit back and wait for our reward.

What do we really deserve? What are the wages of sin?

The best reason I can come up with for Our Lady coming here in a friendly way is to help us repent and renew ourselves in God.

Question: "What if I don't believe we should be worshipping Mary?" You should never ever do what you believe is wrong, although you should keep a mind open enough to learn more than what you already know. If you're objecting to going to the Farm because you don't want to worship 'Mary', or 'Our Lady', then don't go to worship Her. Just go to worship God, such as to meditate on the Stations of the Cross at the Farm. That's how all this started.

Remember that belief in Our Lady is not limited to just one denomination of Christianity, that they have some exclusive rights to Her. For example, both Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christians both believe the same way about Our Lady and have similar apparitions of Her at some of their holy sites, for example the Coptic church in Zeitun, Egypt. More than that, Our Lady never restricted anyone of any faith from coming; it is open to anyone of peaceful intent.

Question: "What about Jesus?" The cornerstone of the Christian religion, and much more, the theology of it is that there's a close relationship between Him and Our Lady. Christians should look to Him for guidance at all times. He's been reported to appear at the Farm also.

Question: "What if I don't believe we need to go to a certain place to pray to or worship God?" That's true, but it's not true that the place you're praying in makes no difference. You wouldn't go to a place where terrible evil has been committed and expect to have a peaceful night's sleep. Conversely, when you want to relax and enjoy yourself, you probably go to a place which you either know or at least hope to be peaceful and pleasant. In fact, many people spend quite a bit of money to travel, just to be in a different place of their own choosing, and strive to make their home as comfortable a place as possible. Place matters. I believe that at Marmora, the veil between the physical realm and the heavenly realm is thinner than it usually is, so that you should have more results with the same amount of worship or prayer than in most other places. That's a value. That's a big value.


  1. A chance at miraculous healing for pilgrims, based on reports of those it has already reportedly happened to at the Farm. There are limits to what human medicine can do, but there are no limits to what God can do: no disease is incurable before God, and even raising the dead is not difficult for the Giver of life. Anyone whom physicians have 'given up' on should take special interest.
  2. Free access to the holy spring water of the Farm, reported to have miraculous healing properties.
  3. A chance at improving the relationship between you and God.
  4. Probably better results with the same effort of worship or prayer or holy meditation compared to attempting most anywhere else, because this is a holy physical place.


  1. A lack of promotion of, or even public acknowledgement of, any spiritual significance to the site by any religious or social organization I know of.

    But where people have kept silent, the rocks have cried out (a reference to Luke 19:40 of the Bible), with crude inscriptions and other markers about what happened in this place.

    Inscribed Rock: Jesus Stood Here

  2. Non-clergy unwilling to participate in any religious activity not officially approved by the leaders of their religious community. In my experience, some people have told me that they don't want to participate at the Farm because they are not Roman Catholic (they don't want to participate in what is not recognized by their non-Roman Catholic relgion), and others have told me that they don't want to participate because they are Roman Catholic (they don't want to be caught participating in what is not officially approved by their Church's administration). I'm guessing that non-Christians have been reluctant to go for a similar reason (not their religion).

    It would help a lot of the place was officially recognized as spiritually signifiant by community or religious authorities. Unfortunately, deciion-making religious leadership seems totally and strangely disinterested to investigate the site for spiritual merit at all.

    It's reported that Our Lady asked for a Church to be built at the Greensides' Farm, but of course work on that hasn't started without any Church sanction.

    Solution? I say that if nobody is investigating something important like this for you, then you need to investigate for yourself. Come and see.

    It's also worth noting:

    • Scientific investigative tools are limited regarding the Divine because the Divine is above our experimental controls. Divine experiences are strictly subjective and not suitable for verification by repeatable experiment (the scientific method). God is above us and not subject to our experiments the way matter is. Although it is possible to discredit a report of divine intervention by pointing out logical flaws, the only way to verify one is by another divine experience, which can’t be done on demand because that’s disrespectful to God to make such demands. It requires a different investigative approach than the scientific method: asking.

    • No matter what they say, or what books they've read, or what letters they have behind their name, no one is qualified to investigate God. You have to seek God for yourself.

    • If your religion requires certain other humans to approve something before you may believe it, then by definition, your religion is a human-made religion. Maybe you should think about that and consider your chances for your own divine experience.

  3. Thought police: if you refer to the farm as a 'shrine', or the spring water as 'holy water', some of the other visitors might be offended because these things are not 'approved' by religious authorities as such. I got quite a telling off once by a regular visitor to the Farm during a prayer gathering for accidentally referring to it as a Shrine. Except it wasn't an accident.

  4. Vanishing Evidence & Information: Beyond mere deterioration, signs of spiritual significance, even ones in enclosures, have been going missing:

    1. A sign has gone missing from inside the enclosure of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces (which is on the east side of the farm at Parking level; normally you see it just before you start the main Stations of the Cross to the south). The sign said that Our Lady appeared this way at the 11th Station of the Cross.

    2. Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces Statue at Farm

      Miracle Testimony Formerly  Posted on Eclosure of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces Statue

    3. Early in 2021 someone put up a small temporary memorial, across the path from the 10th station, stating that Christ himself was seen standing in that spot on 27 July, 2019 (that alone would make this a spiritual site of great importance). Here's what the sign used to look like before it went missing:

    4. Now the monument is just a stick in the ground, if that is even still there:

    5. The stones near the 10th station with testamonial writings have quickly become illegible: I don't know why or how.

    6. Before
    7. Although the old sign at the water tap used to say 'Holy Water', now a new sign says 'Spring Water', and goes on to prohibit anything but 'small containers only' (I'm not sure why).

    8. The gift shop sells nothing about this site, although selling many books about other things. Books on this site did exist, and were available, but they were given out without keeping master copies until supply just vanished.

    9. There were materials in the Reception Room which was closed entirely since the COVID crisis began, but recently has had an re-opening to the public. There is no material in there anymore with any information on anything miraculous happening at that Farm, except for some prayer booklets which mention 'Lady of Marmora'. This hints that something miraculous happened there without saying what. This is the only mention of Our Lady of Marmora I have found at the site (I hope that for mentioning it it doesn't also disappear).

Where does funding come from, for the Farm, for upkeep?

It comes, or not, entirely from the generosity of pilgrims. So please notice and give to the donation box on the farm (it’s just to the west of the family’s house; usually you will pass it on your way to the first station of the Way of the Cross on the south end of the farm).

What is the physical state of upkeep?

It's been poor, relative to the spiritual significance of this site, and not meaning that no one there makes an effort. Typical for rural grounds, there are things overgrown or broken, and walkways not kept cleared, although the upkeep on the parking level is better. The only thing with excellent upkeep seems to be the grass-cutting on the parking level. The fact that the hill areas weren't much developed in the first place, leaves them physically fading out of existence, except for some very recent improvements by donation.

In contrast, some communities have invested more for very similar events. You should see what the community built in Lourdes, France, after Our Lady started showing up there with miracles and holy healing water in much the same way, as far as I know, as She did at the Greensides farm. Before the visitaion by Our Lady, this location at Lourdes was a literal garbage dump. Afterwards, the community invested to turn it into a palace of a church, and they are reaping the rewards of that: not only in spirituality, but in tourism.

I guess it goes to show how much more they love God: how else can you explain two completely different national responses to the same miracle?

Even more concerning is the fact that if Our Lady revealed Herself to be the Mediatrix of All Graces at Marmora, that's an even higher revelation than She gave at Lourdes about Her identity and I believe that would make the Greensides farm a more important spiritual site (what does it take for Canadians to get involved?).

I don't blame the Greensides family; they have already given their farm over to God's use and that's a huge sacrifice. I've been told that it's just a matter of donations for the farm to be improved.

Are There Physical Hazards on the Farm? Yes. The worship footpaths through the forest are uneven, especially up and down the hill, and they seem to be little maintained. There are some crude railings to assist the climb but they are not reliable. Fortunately there is a steep but flat gravel lane up the middle of the hill (towards the large radio tower at the top of the hill) which passes the holy water spring and joins the Stations of the Cross between the 11th (left side) and 12th (right side) stations. That is the easiest route of access up and down the hill, by far, and seems to be the way most pilgrims go down. This pilgrimage is strictly at your own risk, and there are signs up at the Farm warning that.


For me, I have a two-tier system of miraculous events:

  • Very unusual good events which could be explained naturally I call 'minor' miracles.

  • Very unusual good events which cannot be explained naturally I call 'major' miracles.

  • Based on that:

  1. Is Our Lady still there? I could see her outline in a late 2019 photo I took at the 11th Station of the Cross: definitely but just barely. I think she wanted me to know that she is still there, but sad at being largely forgotten by the Public (for some bizarre reason I cannot find the photo now; maybe it was just something for me to understand, but not publish).

    It seems to me that the divine presence is stronger the more people pray and worship at the Farm, as though the miraculous power is a function of not only the will of God but the public's input also (this may be the reason why those against God have gone to great lengths to silence mention of holy sites and coerce others to do the same).

    I have a theory that the miraculous blessings can be revived with a renewed investment of worship at the site by pilgrims.

  2. Minor Miracle: A Firefly experience: Arriving at approximately 9:00pm on 6 July 2021, it was dark but I wanted to walk the Stations of the Cross. I had a flashlight with me, but walking towards the ascending path of the forest, I suddenly felt to put it away, saying to myself that Christ is the Light of the World, and I'm going to meet him, so I simply won't need a flashlight. It wasn't a test of God, just a matter of fact. So I put my flashlight away and walked towards the darkness of the tree line. When I arrived and looked up, I was amazed to see a dazzling display of fireflies, far more than I had ever seen in one place, lighting my way with many flashes of yellow light, which continued for my entire transit through all of the Stations. More than this, I also distinctly remember seeing some deep red and deep blue light, as I climbed up, perhaps coming from the direction of the 10th station, which are the traditional colors of Jesus and Mary, respectively, and which I can't explain by fireflies. In hindsight I wish I had investigated the direction and source of this red and blue light more directly, but for some reason I didn't think to at the time. I tried to capture the experience on my cellphone camera but it did an extremely poor job of reproducing the experience.
  3. Minor Miracle: Button on Padre Pio Statue: Hearing of miraculous movement concerning the Padre Pio statue at the center of the Farm, I decided to meditate on it for a long time: at least about an hour alone. I didn't notice anything unusual.

    Here's what it looked like for all that time:

    After this long time, I overheard two ladies approaching who seemed confused about the Farm and their first time there. I rose and gave them at most a five-minute overview, and came and sat back down at the statue to meditate alone there.

    It looked like this:

    I noticed a difference: the large Divine Mercy button had flipped around, despite nobody else being around the statue (that I noticed and I should have), the breeze being only extremely gentle, and that button being hindered from free rotation due to obstructing strings of beads. I thought this was a sign, especially considering Padre Pio's legendary sense of humor in life.


My Recommendations:

  1. All humans should go and take this opportunity for a direct encounter with God. There’s nothing more important in this life than building your own direct relationship with God. This farm is not about any one religion, but for all of humanity. For example, please see in this video where Mr. Edmund Puccini, at 5 minutes and 20 seconds into the video, emphasizes that the Blessed Mother “never ever” used the word “Catholic” and specifically commanded that the (healing) water was to be made available to “everyone”.

  2. Pilgrims at the farm should limit how much attention they give to ANY seers/visionaries/prophets who go to the Greensides farm and relate supposed messages from Our Lady for everyone else. I have good reasons to believe one of the most well-known ones is totally fake and misleading people. The farm is an opportunity for a DIRECT encounter of EACH PERSON with God. That's the reason to go, and a reason not to forget or be lead away from. Based on that, no one should be quick to abandon the chance to build their direct relationship with God, however small it might begin, to embrace an INDIRECT encounter with God through any visionary or seer. Seers might assist your relationship with God, or they might lead you astray; do not worship their power but God.

  3. I'm not sure you will experience a miracle at the Farm; you must leave that strictly up to God's discretion. My advice is to come simply expecting to find God's peace (the Farm is extremely peaceful).

  4. Try to bring a new person if you can. I believe Our Lady appreciates this effort to spread the message of God's Love and Help available in a special way at the farm.

  5. Take Photos and Videos. When you get home, scrutinize it for anything unusual. I was pleasantly surprised last time when I thought to do this. You might want to use instant-developing film so that others won't accuse you of using software to manipulate the image. If you find something worthwhile, consider sharing it.
  6. Encourage your religious leaders to do an appropriate investigation of the Farm. If they won’t, ask them why not, or remind them that if they won't tell you what to think you're going to start thinking for yourself and see what happens.

  7. Invest your worship and prayer at the Farm, for its spiritual upkeep. This is the most important thing. I recommend prayer, meditation, and hymns.

  8. Do something to physically improve the experience for pilgrims after you. For example, someone recently put a new bench at the top of the climb up the steps, towards the 6th station, and I was glad to use it for a brief rest.
    Some stations were broken and falling off the trees but a pilgrim paid to have them replaced.
    UPDATE JULY 2020: Excellent-quality new outdoor benches have appeared before the 10th and 11th stations, and the 4th and 12th stations no longer sit on the ground but are newly rebuilt! This is due to the generosity of donors, and I have confirmed that improvements at the Farm are simply a matter of donations.

  9. Please tell others. Please share your experience with your friends, leave a Google Review (you may use the little 'reviews' link in the Google map at the top of this webpage), or post to other social media after you visit the Site. Some of these will allow you to include photos of your experience. It's up to each one of us to spread the word now. As I was proof-reading this it just came upon my heart to say that Our Lady will accept your promotion of the Farm as an offering to Her.

  10. Please leave the Greensides family alone in their house for their privacy.


  • There is an area of the Farm which is a mystery to me: the unmarked shrine between the 11th station and the spring water tap. Here is what it looks like:

    This area has not only a statue, but what appears to be a well, though covered (bolted-on) now. Presumably the spring water is tapped from here. Although in decay now, the well and area seem to have been well-decorated originally, and, unlike other areas on the Farm where there are scattered statues, this one has a constructed kneeling area for prayer. It's reasonable to conclude that something important must have happened here to put so much effort into this spot, but unfortunately there is no sign or plaque to testify to that. In the absence of better information I will take a guess: that this, not exactly the 11th station, was where Our Lady appeared to Ms. VĂ©ronique Demers (according to the sign, which I presented above, which used to be on the window of the Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces statue in the lower area of the Farm), this is where Our Lady revealed Herself as the Mediatrix of All Graces, and this is where She said the water was to be made available to everyone for healing. It's a sad thing that I have to guess at something like that, as though it wasn't important enough for anyone to remember. Surely whoever built this must remember why they did.

  • What is the future of the farm? I don't know, but I hope it's a better future the more we promote pilgrimage there. I hope that what actually happened there is revealed to the public for the public to decide what should be done. Furthermore I have confidence that God is not done with this place: that there are more good things to happen there. However I think it's safe to suppose that the blessings would have been more if we had built the Church Our Lady allegedly asked for.

  • Do I (the anonymous author of this webpage) benefit from promoting the Greensides Farm? I have no affiliation with the Greensides, and I don't benefit from anyone going there or donating to the Farm. I'm only doing this for free service of God and the public good. I prefer to remain anonymous for a few reasons, the most important that I want this to be about evidence and not about me.

  • Are there washrooms there? There are very basic washrooms to the north-west of the large parking area, with water tanks and sanitizer just outside to wash your hands. Mercifully, there is toilet paper there.

  • How long to visit? In my experience, you get more out of the Farm when you visit again the next day.

  • In the warm season there can be a strong flying biting insect presence, especially in the wooded areas, which is normal for this region; you should bring your very best bug protection. I don't remember them being a problem when faith at the Farm was strong, though.

  • In the cold season please bring boots and a shovel. The last time I visited in snow, the parking area was ploughed but not the paths to the worship areas and all of the worship areas and public washrooms had snowbanks in front of them. High boots will help you walk through where you need to go. A shovel, though, will help if you want to help to clear the way for the next person, who may be infirm or invalid, so that they can have easier access to the worship areas, holy (aka 'spring') water (if it's running in the cold weather which it probably isn't), and washrooms.
  • Except in the candle house dedicated to the Holy Face (south of the picnic tables), candle burning is not permitted on the property, apparently due to fire hazard. There are signs posted about this. As for the candle house, you might want to leave behind a box of matches for others in case there are none there for you.

  • I hate to discourage you from worshipping, but, out of respect of the long drive you may be investing, I want to alert you that the Farm seems likely to be closed to the Public during any government-ordered lockdown, as it was once even between the time a lockdown is announced and the time it actually took legal effect. Here is how the Shrine entrance looked on Good Friday, 2 April, 2021 (provincial emergency measures taking effect the following day at 12:01am):

  • Closed due to Lockdown

    There were many disappointed pilgrims that day.

  • Refuge: One young seer is rumoured to have reported that, in a time of great persecution of Christians, a portal will open at the 14th station to receive the faithful and offer refuge.

When to go? Whenever you can. However if you want to meet others there, it seems that the first Saturday of every month, from approximately 11am, is the biggest crowd. There are often some prayer groups visiting on relevant feast days, and there is a small prayer group on Sunday evenings at 6pm who say the rosary at the picnic table area.

Prayer Points for the Farm:

  1. Pray that if it's God's will the Farm would be officially recognized by whatever officials people require to pre-approve their beliefs so that this would no longer be an obstacle.

  2. Pray that the Farm would be developed to its full potential for worship and prayer by people who know how and have all resources and permissions they need.

  3. Pray that if anyone is deliberately removing information on miraculous events from the Farm, they would be stopped.

Points of Action:

  • Offer to repair some of the areas most needing repair.

  • Petition Church authorities to investigate the site for spiritual significance and value.

  • Replace some of the miraculous information taken away faster than it vanishes? Does this require permission?

Developmental progress at the Greensides Farm might require individual people to move forward with their own God-given initiative, and be willing to step outside of herd mentality, as Christ taught:

[13] "Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
[14] Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it."

(Holy bible, KJV, Matt 7:13-14)

NOTICE: I don't run the Farm; I am only a visitor there. Some of the things I describe on this webpage about the Farm could have changed since my last visit without me knowing about it. Worse, some things I write could be in error unintentionally. Nevertheless I have made my best effort to portray the truth about the Farm for you.

Links to Other Interesting Websites:

  1. The Gospel of the Holy Twelve
  2. The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ
  4. Faith of the Eternal Parent (under construction)

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